Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Tips

The Steps of Light Floor Maintenance

Light regular maintenance was once referred to as “daily” maintenance however, with shrinking budgets it is often no longer done daily in all areas, especially when it comes to commercial floor cleaning services.

Cleaning generally consists of five steps:

1) removing all the dry soil,

2) setting up to perform wet cleaning,

3) wet cleaning,

4) drying,

5) taking down any signs.

Removing dry soil can be achieved by either sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming, it all depends on the conditions and equipment that is available.

The most cost-effective approach will be vacuuming with a high filtration vacuum that will remove dry soil. Setting up the area will often include posting “wet floor” signs and inspecting any troublesome areas that will require special attention.

Wet cleaning can be performed with either a wet mop or an auto scrubber. The choice is often down to the size of the building. When using a wet mop, it has to be wrung out before any cleaning solution is applied to the floor. One danger of this method is that employees go too long between water changes, which basically defeats the entire process.

Always make sure there are enough mop heads available to swap out. When possible, this should be time studied so the supervisor provides a set number of clean mop heads for a task, thus reducing the chance of re-soiling the floor.

If the building that is being cleaned is a hundred thousand square feet, the right size auto scrubber will eventually end up paying for itself in under 6 months when labor and benefit savings have been taken into account.

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