What You Need to Know About Floor Cleaning

Shiny and Stain-Free Floors!

Is your carpet or flooring looking a bit grubby and a bit dull? If you don’t do any kind of maintenance on them, they will soon look worse, and that won’t only make your living space look old and tired but it will also be more difficult to keep clean. So, give your floor cleaning a good and thorough clean, this way, you will enjoy better carpet or flooring for longer. Hiring a service is an advantage since the professionals can clean different types of floors. Learn more about them first before you get a cleaner.


If you have a wooden floor, never use your old and dull cleaning products on it, as this will just damage the finish. Before you use any cleaning product, check and see if it has a high gloss or no-gloss finish. High-gloss wooden floors attract dirt easily and are slippery when wet. Your wooden floors need a domestic or professional high-gloss or no-gloss finish.


Before you clean laminate floors through a service, you should always make sure to read the care instructions provided with the laminate flooring. If you have a large family and especially if you have children, you may want to consider getting a laminate flooring that is wipe-clean, as a high-traffic laminate floor is not recommended.


Vinyl can also be very slippery when wet. As with most flooring, it doesn’t take much to damage it and must be regularly maintained. Cleaning a vinyl floor is easy, as it can be hosed down in the yard or pressure washed. However, remember that too much pressure will damage it too. That is why hiring experts is necessary if you can’t handle it. They know what to do.

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