What’s the Difference Between a Commercial Office Cleaner and an Office Janitorial Service?

Thought All Cleaning Services Were the Same?

Many of our clients believe a janitorial service and office janitorial service are interchangeable. That is untrue, though, and we have outlined the distinctions below so you can decide what you require when looking for a cleaning service.

Janitorial services offer modest, routine cleaning activities, whereas commercial cleaning comprises large operations a few times a year. It is the main distinction between the two types of cleaning services. For instance, janitorial services could involve routine vacuuming, but commercial cleaning services might involve thorough carpet cleaning. For regular upkeep and cleaning, hiring a janitorial service is advantageous. When a company needs a deep cleaning, they may consider hiring commercial cleaning services.

As previously mentioned, janitorial services will supervise routine cleaning tasks and maintain a workspace regularly. Your office or facility will look great and be prepared for visitors or clients at any time if you hire an office janitorial service. Companies typically schedule these services daily, weekly, or biweekly, depending on their demands. When a business books a janitorial service, they are in charge of creating the timetable and assigning the cleaning duties to ensure the work is to your satisfaction.

As was already said, commercial cleaning includes larger tasks that do not need regular attention. Most businesses will employ a professional to complete these chores once, but you can hire them on a contract basis to schedule a few appointments annually. Just keep in mind to enquire about their offerings and check whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee for their work.

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